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Business Tax Returns

Small business tax return preparation and filing instructions is a core service offered to our clients. Whether your company is a C corporation, S Corporations, Limited Liability Company, Partnership or Sole Proprietor a properly prepared tax return can be filed to minimize the tax owed. Over the years, thousands of small business tax returns have been prepared for both service and manufacturing clients.

In addition to compliance and planning services, we prepare all types of federal & state income tax returns along with any other regulatory filings.  As part of our regular services, we review the tax positions of our clients so that they may initiate a proactive transaction to reduce their income tax liability.

Upon accepting a new client, we review their most recent tax returns to understand the client's past income tax experience.  From our review we typically develop scenarios of possible transactions designed to reduce or defer income tax liability and / or avoid any potential compliance problems.  Once a client's tax strategy is planned, we monitor developments and prepare required income tax return forms.

Our partners regularly meet potential clients to review their income tax situation.

They would be delighted to meet with you!